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Signature Filled Apples


Celebrate... the pleasures of the sensual life with our irresistible apples and treats. Ours Sweet Eve Creations are works of art and feast for the senses. Each apple is singular and filled with decedent sweet creams and fillings, dipped and topped with the most divine chocolate and garnished and sprinkled with playful sweets and luscious fruit that evoke joy and delight.


Our indulgent treats are created with some whimsy, a bit of irreverence, as well as a naughty sense of fun that inspires amusement and sweet satisfaction with each delicious bite! 


All of our Sweet Eve Creations Signature Apples are made to order and customized with the recipient's likes and flavor profiles in mind. Just like us, each one is unique. Some of the ingredients: 

  • Smooth creamy scratch made cheesecake

  • We use organic fruits as much as possible

  • Scratch made coulis and preserves

  • Scratch made cookie crumbles using our special cookie recipe

  • Decadent rich chocolates

  • Hand painted and decorated with edible paint and glitter

  • Placed in a see through box for a full contact delightful experience 

Do you have a special person in mind? Let me create something for you. 

Please call 979.268.2253 to discuss your unique loved one.  

The Story

We wanted to create something that we could gift to our friends who were celebrating life and all of it's perfect imperfections. Something that would be a delightful moment at the end of things like a divorce and the beginning of things like a birthday.

Kathleen was an amazing artist. She had impeccable taste and her attention to detail in all she created was extraordinary. She and I shared parallel experiences in education, fashion, art, travel, and food. Among her many talents she was also a trained chocolatier. We both shared a love of all things bougie! We could talk for hours about all things weird, wild, and wonderful. 

One day while sipping some red, noshing on some fancy french cheese and having some very lively conversation in the commercial kitchen that I own, we created the first chocolate dipped apple. The name is of course, a wink to the woman who is said to have started it all in the garden of Eden.


Sweet Eve Creations has evolved over the past 3 years to include sparkly "glam cookies" and I Heart Texas Cookie Cakes using my special cookie recipe. Looking forward to seeing where this dessert line will go in the years to come.   

I miss my friend everyday. Our relationship was only a few years but we had a unique connection. Kathleen made the first mermaid apple. It will forever be known as The Mermaid Catalina.  


I will see you again my friend. Until then, cheers to you Kathleen! We are the untamed ones! 

Sweet Eve Creations was born out of a desire to create a dessert experience that is visually exciting with a flavor that"is worth the calories".  

Together with my dearly departed friend Kathleen - La Contessa Catalina, over a bottle of wine one day, late 2019... decided that we wanted to make a dessert. But not just any dessert... something that truly appealed to all of the senses. It had to be fun, artistic, decadent, gooey, chocolatey, rich, colorful, sparkly... delicious... worth the calories!